***US VETERAN*** Need help before I end it myself



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Apr 11, 2019
I haven't read all the replies or all your posts, yet. but I read some, I'm familiar with tbi..I did see that Trump made it possible for VETs to go-to any hospital falicity other then the VA. (Might he correct) If the accident was "work," related will they really treat you bad? TBI isn't a "mental," illness as far as I know, however, without proper treatment it can lead to much, much worse.

Wishing you the best. Have you confided in anyone off the net? USA has electronic medical records now, which is bullshit, I think. So going to another state might not be the answer.

Wish you well, really. Living with the headaches and all that transpires from a TBI ( which no 2 are the same) can be devastating to say the least.

Im so sorry this happened to you and I thank you for your service