Picking up the pieces getting back on track



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Sep 18, 2018
Back in September last year I got in with a nasty crowd of people who in short were drug addicts who would beg for money for drugs under the guise of needing the money for electricity or a hostel.They initially acted towards me as if they were my friends as i was lonely and feeling a bit down.One of them had a bulimic purging disorder and was addicted to laxatives and encouraged me to start to take laxatives after eating (something I have never done before) on the promise I could eat what I wanted and loose weight!As a result I was very ill with runs and a sore stomach as a result of overdosing on Sennakot. also began to inhale weed and crack fumes as I was around these people who did drugs and developed a drug induced psychosis that only began to lift in March.I feel I am slowly getting my life and interests back.I have fortunately done no long term bowel or kidney damage from the laxatives and didn't become addicted as this female was to them and the psychosis/agitation seems to have abated and like the laxatives I luckily have not become addicted. Infact I never want to go near sennna or drugs again.I have though learned a horrible lesson as what laxatives drugs can do to others and nearly myself.It is a horrible existence and I am glad to be out of that scene that I was more a less unwittingly groomed/sucked into.I still see these people around and that is still their lives but not mine.I don't think it ever really was.I am better than them in evrey way they could see that and seeemed to destroy it.Ibthink on a level and in some ways they are evil.