I have returned years later with little other than a sad face



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May 16, 2019
iowa, usa
Dont get me wrong. I have completely given up on anything to do with having a life at this point. Having a decently well paying job while being honest on my resume? Forget about it. Plan on ever living on my own or even owning property? Thats a laugh. Thinking i will ever be anything other than a play thing? Thats my best idea that never succeeded.

I was here like 10 years ago with no clue what life was about or how to cope or deal with it or interact or basically anything other than my very small comfort zone. Low and behold i am here again, but older but with 3k dollars to my name and no prospects.

I can maybe go back to school. Thats a whole rack of lamb meat honestly and i dont want to get devoured by wolves again.

It would also be nice to turn on the tv once in a while and tune out, but that would be too easy for me to deal with. My goggles are 3D at this point. Have you ever watched yourself on tv? I think i have been fished out of the water my own aggression.


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Apr 9, 2010
Sounds like are being exceptionally hard on yourself.
Sometimes we need to lower our expectations of ourselves. I know that's hard, but surely our mental health is more important.
I used to be a registered nurse on an acute surgical ward I thrived on chaos and when I had to deal with life a threatening conditions, I was the one that coped and held it all together. sadly it didn't help my mental health.
Interesting where life sends us.
Give yourself a break. Get well focus on yourself and your well-being
That needs to be the priority,


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Jun 13, 2016
You seem to under value your importance.... You are unique, think about all of your experiences and the difference you can make to this forum by sharing and contributing :) it needn't stop there either :)

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