borderline personality disorder

  1. KTCarrott

    Effects of stopping drinking alcohol.

    Hey! I new to this forum, and also new to the BPD diagnosis. I have stopped drinking alcohol, it has been around 5 months now, as I found it made me very vulnerable, to making very bad and self destructive decisions, including promiscuity, and self harm, and just putting myself in general...
  2. G

    bpd relationship problems

    i am in a loving and healthy relationship which i would not trade for the world. my boyfriend and i love each other but lately we’ve been encountering some problems. he’s been insecure/upset and he had told one of my friends that he loves me, but not as much as i love him. i experience emotions...
  3. Lostinthestatic

    How mild can hypomania be?

    TLDR: I believe I may have experienced hypomania but find it difficult to tell it apart from just feeling happy, or having BPD symptoms. How mild can hypomania be? What is it like to have both BPD and bipolar II? My therapist is considering bipolar disorder as well as borderline personality...
  4. Lostinthestatic

    What does “R/O” and “HCC” mean?

    My therapist today indicated that I showed clear signs of BPD. I am waiting on a psychiatric assessment, so I do not have a clear diagnosis as of yet. She is still also considering if it may be a mood disorder. I saw R/O Borderline Personality Disorder HCC in my file, which I assume is a...
  5. V

    My Denial Self..

    I've been thinking for a very long time to write, but I didn't know how to start or where. I looked up on google and I found myself here. My writing will be more like a kid explaining his story, so my apologies about that. Lets just start from the end, I am a 26 yrs old girl that has been...
  6. Flameheart (was BPDevil)

    what is DBT and how does it help ?

    I'm on a list for it, all I know is that there is 1-1 therapy and group therapy involved which I'm dreading and what other therapies besides CBT and DBT are there that can help with BPD ?
  7. R

    My teacher was my FP. How do I move on?

    I had a teacher in high school who I got attached to. She allowed me to be in her class all 4 years. I've literally never even had a friendship last that long. No one in my life has ever acted as caring as she was toward me, and so I started seeing her as a mother figure. I frequently feared...
  8. C

    Dating/Relationship Advice?

    I'm kind of at my wits' end with this issue. I recently was able to graduate college, am working full-time, and am applying to go to medical school. I'm doing much better than any doc predicted when I first got the BPD diagnosis, but it's pretty much only because I wasn't in a relationship or...